About us

Establishment of Syraf Maritime Academy (SMA) was the outcome of the perfect, dynamic and effective movement of Syraf Co. in maritime industry. The main idea, entitled as “Syraf”, was emerged on the foundations of historical sophistication of Iran, as one of the dynamic civilizations of the Middles East, with more than 3000 years of remarkable history in background. Syraf Co. benefited from its practical and scientific experiences such as “the presence of its founder as a ship operator at maritime industry”, “permanent engagements on repair and reconstructing process of different types of vessels” and “establishment of a reputable original brand for production of standard maritime equipment as well as manufacturing vessels with competitive outlooks on global scale.” In fact, foundation of Syraf Co. was built in the view of training expert personnel for designing, management, and executing and controlling professions. Since its advent up to the present time, Syraf has gained valuable experiences on national scale. During the last 22 years of professional work, the company has fully grasped how to walk on the rugged path of training managers, technicians, and all the required employees. Syraf’s training programs are rooted in scientific and purposeful approaches for the sake of further development on maritime industry. This accomplishment has been resolved to train all needed staffs for the industries.

Establishment of Syraf Maritime Academy (SMA) was the outcome of such an expanded vision over development of the industry and enhancement of required knowledge for maritime industry on global scale. We believe that SMA is capable of meeting industrial challenges upon creating a deliberate link between new knowledge and today’s industrial requisitions, as it has done before through training experts for maritime industry. 

academy principal

dr. Hassan Ziaie
Academy Principal

The intention behind the establishment of Syraf Maritime Academy (SMA) was the outcome of successful activities of Syraf Co. in the fields of production of standard maritime equipment, repairing ships, and manufacturing special aluminum and steel vessels based on experiences of successful directors and experts with the aim of further development on business administration in international maritime industries.

SMA is the first higher education center of business administration in maritime industry of the Middle East. The academy is willing to benefit from professional experiences of international and reputable maritime academies, elite instructors, and those successful experts of the industry, active at each corner of the globe. Such a cooperation may lead to the development of professional management on technical issues of the strategic industry amongst all eager and active players of maritime industry.

SMA, along with its practical and operational presence on consulting and educational programs, is firmly determined to introduce elites and experts of business administration of maritime industry so it may lead to take an effective step toward development of maritime business.

To accomplish this end, SMA resolved to provide an effective approach in order to communicate with universities, research centers and international economic enterprises for the sake of creating appropriate links of communication between science, technique, industry and university.

SMA expects that academy’s alumni march on the path of progress to the point where they can shape their own profession in maritime industry, and thus became famous as nobles and elites of the industry on global scale.

                                                             The Principal Of Syraf Maritime Academy

                                                                              Hassan Ziaie

Head of Departments

dr. Alaedin Sadat Rasoul
Head of Maritime law dept.

Captain Mansour Eslami
Head of shipping and logistics dept.

dr. ali ebrahimi
Head of shipbuilding dept.

dr. Mohammad H. Jabalameli
Head of Marketing dept.