DBA in Maritime Management

مدیریت امور دریایی

Description & Goal

Maritime industry is one of the cornerstones of international economy with a wide range of subgroups. The industry is the provider of more than 80% of global transportation services. Due to the importance of the industry on global scale, it proves significant to concentrate on issues such as creating management skills for organizing commercial activities, providing international approaches for effective working communications, economic enterprises, politicians of governments, insurance companies, environmental factors and etc. Graduates of maritime Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) will be acquainted with new management and leadership techniques, marketing skills, practical knowledge on regulations, international communication. Hence, achievement of good a command in each of the aforementioned skills leads to creativity and innovation on national and international business.



  1. Enhancement of working knowledge on management level
  2. Business development (programing capability)
  3. Increasing efficiency in consequence of increasing self-confidence
  4. Knowing personal qualifications and working opportunities for more progress
  5. Management skills and the using and development of knowledge


  • Business development (programing capability)
  • Generating the ability of planning/pondering and strategic movements
  • Management skills and the using and developing knowledge
  • Understanding present challenges
  • Approved ability of creating solution of working challenges
Job Opportunities
  • CEOs and top managers of organizations and institutes active in the field of maritime industry, seakeeping, international transportation and maritime trade.
  • CEOs of international companies active in business of maritime industry and trade groups such as holdings, and local and international consortia.
  • CEOs and top managers of companies and other groups active in the fields of manufacturing, maintenance, consulting, commercial and supervisor companies of maritime industries, seakeeping and maritime trade and transportation.

Duration of study is 1 year and 6 months which is classified as 1 year intended to theoretical and practical courses, and 6 months for delivering the final project.

General Management





1Advanced Management Topics32

168 Hours

2Leadership and Management (Modern Techniques)48
Marketing & Investment
5Strategic Brand Management16184 Hours

6Strategic Marketing and Advertising Management32
7Economics (Advanced)32
8Business Development Management32
Professional Maritime Management
11International Maritime Relations, Laws and Policies48304 Hours
12Trade and Operations Strategy in Maritime Administration32
13International Safety Management32
14Maritime New Technology and Approaches40
15Digitalization in Maritime Industry40

Upon successful completion of the DBA course at Syraf Maritime Academy (SMA), graduates will receive their transcript, provided projects, recommendation letters, as attachments to their final certificate.