Sponsorship agreement between Shipping Association of Iran and Syraf Maritime Academy

The third sponsorship agreement was signed by and between, Syraf Marine Academy and Shipping Association of Iran.

This agreement was signed at shipping Association’s institute on 2020 April 13, in order to sponsor the graduates of the academy. Based on the agreement, Shipping Association of Iran agreed and expressed its willingness to sponsor the graduates of Syraf Maritime Academy (SMA) in order to develop management knowledge of maritime industry.  

Mr. Polmeh, the chairman of Shipping Association of Iran, concluded that the agreement may provide a vast cooperative space with academy for the sake of further development on management skills and educational programs. Dr. Ziaei, the principal of the academy, appreciated for employment of such a positive outlook, as he expressed: “This academy will employ its utmost zest toward the fulfillment of such an important duty so it may lead to a permanent national movement.”

Dr. Ziaei added: “This is for the first time that such unique courses are introduced in Iran and middle east. The introduced core courses of Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) develop graduates’ management skills through creating a balance between classifications and standards of theoretical knowledge and experimental knowledge.”

He pointed out that these new approaches, due to their updated and globalized nature, fully conform with maritime industry of the region.   

He added that these courses are highly qualified. Achievement of this privilege is the consequence of cooperation with local elite professors of the field and consulting with active Iranian experts at other countries, and in this regard, there are good news on the way!

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