Accredit of Syraf Maritime Academy by Iran Supreme Council of Marine Industries

The impressive presence of Syraf Maritime Academy (SMA) at maritime industry led to forming a partnership agreement by and between “Iran Supreme Council of Marine Industries” and “Syraf Maritime Academy.” The agreement was signed on 2020 April 7, at the secretariat of Iran Supreme Council of Marine Industries in the presence of Mr. Marandi, the association’s secretary, and Dr. Ziaei, the principal of Syraf Maritime Academy. The agreement was aimed at development of new management skills on maritime industry as well as updating the management knowledge for such a strategic industry.

In this regard, Dr. Ziaei expressed: “We appreciate Mr. Marandi, the secretary’s principal of Iran Supreme Council of Marine Industries, for his profound insight into the development of educational programs on management knowledge. We believe that the sponsorship of Iranian principals leads to the development of Syraf Maritime Academy, which can positively affect the movement of maritime industry of Iran for further development on the global scale.” At part of his speech, Dr. Ziaei outlined capabilities of Syraf Maritime Academy for cooperation on educational programs and providing technical management consultations for maritime industry.

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